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Design-led hotels for people seeking an original experience.

It's all about yoo


Assimilation is not our style. yoo2 elevates the concept of the boutique hotel to glorious new heights by invoking the element of surprise through design and service and to, well, just about everything else imaginable.

yoo collection

The law of originality dictates a yoo Collection hotel will never, ever blend in with other luxury hotels. N-E-V-E-R. Each hotel is handcrafted by a world-renowned designer in a way that enhances the lives of discerning guests who crave original experiences.

Creating guest experiences
based on human luxury.

It’s a different hotel brand, based on a different set of criteria. Imagine setting objectives for your hotel based on the unmet human desire for convenience, customised service and personal satisfaction. It’s an idea as original as the hotels we design and satisfying as any guest experience on planet earth. It’s yoo based on you at its most pure interpretation.

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What began in 1999 as a shared vision between property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and world-renowned designer Philippe Starck, quickly flourished into the creation of landmark residential and hotel projects throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East.

yoo Hotels is a global brand fusing cutting edge design with business innovation. Our iconic design firm lineage has bred within us a rejection of all things conventional. Original design enhances life. It’s our mantra for every hotel we develop, manage and design.

A world-class design team.

yoo has amassed a collection of stellar designers with mind-boggling talent and sterling reputations. And they’re ready to work for you.

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  • Jade Jagger for yoo
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"I like to open the doors to people's brains"

- Phillipe Starck


Flexibility is more precious than gold. Just ask any developer that has partnered with yoo for the opening of 30 hotels in 26 countries. From breaking ground to applying the final touches, whatever you need, yoo can deliver. With exceptional investment return.


Managing operations flawlessly while giving guests a taste of human luxury. It’s just another facet of yoo Hotels. Our team comprises highly experienced, hotel savvy leaders who have increased profits for celebrated brands around the globe. Place yoo Hotels in charge and they’ll do the same for you.


Originality courses through the veins of each and every designer at yoo. And their internationally acclaimed talents will be focused on your hotel. From massive to miniscule, every space provides the opportunity to enhance the life of a guest through original design. A stay becomes an experience. A hotel becomes a legend.


What yoo can do.

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Original design enhances life and allows guests to experience a more human level of luxury. It’s not brain surgery. It’s how we approach the hotel business. And how we’ll forge a successful relationship with our partners.


Bring the expertise, vision, talent and resources of yoo to your next development. yoo will contact you shortly to discuss a partnership that leads to brilliance.

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Life-enhancing original design is best experienced in real life. Make a reservation and discover human luxury for yourself.